Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Fall Of Josiah

Josiah Leming’s run on American Idol 7 is finally over.

Many of us wished to see more, much more from this littleguy. But now, when it's over, I hope that Josiah Leming seeks out some form of help in the future, maybe surround himself with friends who will look after him and offer some perspective. Yes, I really do.

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Whatever Josiah Leming wanted to do and create by being on American Idol 7 obviously backfired. As you could see, producers were unsympathetic and portrayed him in the worst possible light leading to his elimination: that of a spoiled, crying brat who thinks he is God’s gift to the entire human race.

Josiah Leming gave a great performance of “Grace Kelly” by Mika and has the potential of leading a cult following on the show, but the producers did not want American Idol to be his playground. It's visible that Josiah Leming miscalculated during Hollywood, and clearly was not thinking straight. Well, I guess he could not understand that Hollywood Week is not the place to be a “demanding artist”.

But what's done is done. Let us hope for better future of Josiah Leming.


Variegated said...

He's going to be a star. He has a lot of personal stress on him - hard for anyone to deal with, even a youth with so much light inside.

He's going to make it through all this, and come out at the pinnacle. Just watch, and listen...

LC said...

He's so famous already. :) He's got fans in the Philippines :) He'll be on Ellen and MTV :) Yay big things are happening to him! :)

Mary said...

I'm still hoping that American Idol spruces the show up and comes up with a "wild card" to bring Josiah back. That would be awesome, especially since many of the final 24 are already accomplished professional singers.

xbrowneyesbluex said...

I really like him! :( so sad to see him go, but I'm glad to see he is making his rounds! Saw him on Ellen, Extra and Access Hollywood today!