Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Josiah Leming Sings With Keyboard

Josiah Leming has been one of the most interesting American Idol wannabes — this talented teenager lives in his car by his own choice. Thats one big dream chaser we got here.

Most important thing, I am sure he will get the American Idol. Yes, Josiah Leming. I am calling it right now and everyone can come back here to read it. Then you will see how perfect my choices and predictions are.

Lets see his video again:

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The kid from Morristown, Tennessee, who was living in his car, is going far this year, not just in American Idol, but his life. Such strength and passion are bound to be rewarded. This cool homeboy is going all the way.

He absolutely killed Grace Kelly by Mika right now and I liked it better than Mika’s version if you want to know. He's me pick for sure.

Yes, Josiah cried after not doing his best singing job but Randy says he’s been a fan since the first audition. Then it was a big YES to allow Josiah Leming another shot at being the American Idol.

Paula can’t resist someone crying, of course, so she lets Josiah Leming to go further. And Simon goes along with the crowd after as usual.

I can't wait to see the next show, it's gonna be more exciting to see what others are up to.