Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Josiah Leming

Josiah Leming is a 18-year free spirit that lives out of his car. He is a sad story case and reminds us of Asiah Epperson whose father died in a car accident just before her American Idol appearance.

But don’t call Josiah Leming homeless, he lives in a car! Whatsoever, he insisted to the judges to be there. An American Idol wannabe is surviving hardest times of his life but he proceeds to impress us with his vocals. And all that despite the fact that Leming appeared to sing with a British accent. Not exactly what you’d expect from a Tennessee native.

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Check out this video and see how powerful his music is:

We hope he will make it further, he's talented and passionate with great keyboard skills. Something that American Idol needs right now. But we will have to wait and see how far will Josiah Leming come.

Wish him luck!