Saturday, March 22, 2008

Josiah Leming Signs With Warner

Josiah signs with Warner Bross! It's been confirmed and the kid from Morristown finally makes it happen. Knoxnews announced today that the deal is done.

Josiah Leming has an agent and an entertainment lawyer who helped him to get the record deal. It's all by the book and he is now in good hands. He's gonna go to Hollywood soon to make something with his music, something we will appreciate no doubt.

Failed at American Idol, but succeeds in life anyway. That's excellent story, straight from the Hollywood scripts :) I wish him luck and hope he will make more bold decision in his music career and hold a lot of concert for all of us!


SystemsThinker said...

I think it's a great sign of the times that someone like Josiah, even after just a few minutes on American Idol where he didn't even make the top 24, can market himself through the web as he did and build such a fan base, end up on television more, and get a major record deal.

I wrote a post called

Josiah Leming: Brilliant, Haunting Music & Web 2.0 Drive American Idol Castoff’s Prototypical Success Story

where I talk about all of this. Hope you find it interesting.

tomzito said...

I've ever knew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!