Friday, July 4, 2008

Josiah Is In London

After being on Ellen Show again, Josiah left to visit London. We don't know what's he doing there exactly. But it is probably business related, recording in the studio or planning for a new tour.

There are also some new pictures Josiah took for his fans. I must say they are pretty artsy. Now I'm thinking, there are probably thousands of girls who are looking at these pictures and falling in love. He will have a huge fan base, and most of them will scream their lungs out on his concert.

Here are some photos of Josiah Leming:

Here he is having a great time apparently. But what is that bottle doing there? Looks like gin ;)

It's a bit messy, but hey, when you are an artist, you are allowed to have clothes on your floor. Who needs to clean the room when he has American Idol experience behind him.

Here is Josiah Leming with the cigarette and an interesting look. He is probably composing music in his mind. We hope we will hear one of his new songs soon.