Monday, July 28, 2008

Josiah Leming Answers Questions

This is a great list of questions Josiah Leming got from his fans. He answered all of them, and it's just like he said: "Nothing is off limits....".

The entire "interview" is taken from his Myspace page, so you can go there and join in commenting ( over 1000 comments so far). Enjoy!

Josiah Leming Q&A:

Favorite animal: lion

My first pet was named oscar lol

My cd comes out in september, i'm not sure what songs will be on it, but there will be singles and music videos and i will go on a BIG tour and try and come close to all of you ( : maybe even some shows before...

single as can be

I did go to jail back in november for underage consumption. long story short, me and frank were on the way home and the topaz broke down and we had like half of a 12 pack of keystone in the back seat. it sucked bc we were like 3 minutes away from home. but me and frank are BROTHERS bc of that night we spent in the drunk tank. HELLS YES.

i have way to many favorite songs to just name one. Idioteque by Radiohead, Green Eyes by Coldplay, Slideshow by Travis, Choices by George Jones...just a few, i'm drawing a blank haha

My favorite song that I've written would have to be One Last Song, or This Cigar

I want to meet Napolian, or John Lennon, or Plato ( :

Favorite colors: green and grey

I don't have many embarrassing moments, bc i'm very comfortable in the things i do and say, but there was this one time i peed my pants in spanish class, bc the teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom. it was more of stubborness than not being able to hold it. lol

I've actually never been out of the country, but i plan to change that soon bc hopefully my first tour will take me around to see all my friends in other countries ( :

Your sexual orientation is of no importance to me. Who am I to tell You what is right for you?? To each his own. or To each her own ( :

There's no age limit on what i would call a lovely lady lol ( :

The topaz is broken down right now in my parents' driveway, so i'm workin on getting it fixed. but no, it looks like i won't have to live in it again. unless i just want to haha.

My first kiss...a lovely girl named Millicent, and i was 14.

The most attractive thing about females? smile smile smile smile smile ( : ( : ( : any kind of facial feature ( :

I love hacky sack!

I'm pretty picky about the girls i get close to. it's more of what comes out of the brain then what surrounds it.

i'd walk a million miles if i had to, to see the one person i truly loved. i put no boundaries around my capabilities. therefore my capabilities grow ( :

being compared to great writers and singers and composers that have come before me is a bit scary, as well as a bit stressful. but i try to take the extremely overly positive things just as lightly as the extremely overly negative things, that way i stay level headed...

I would love to duet with Regina Spektor, she's fucking amazing in every way

I draw inspiration from a number of places. But as for what drives me, moves me, motivates me, i can't tell you. I believe there is a force inside of us that drives us all, a force much bigger than we are, or could ever be. Call it God, call it nature, call it whatever the fuck you want to call it, but it's inside of us. and i have immense respect for it. It gave me the ability to make music and words dance together to create something that makes even myself cry. i don't know what it is, yet i'm searching, but i know it's there, and i'm grateful, and it gives me the strength to move forward and the passion to love and enjoy every moment, even the difficult ones.

i love coffee with cream, red bull, or anything else highly caffeinated, and i enjoy all of them with cigarettes. ( :

as for my alcoholic habits, i live by Jim Beam, relax by heineken in a bottle (newcastle as well), although you're likely to find me with natty light or keystone haha. shots i need a three wisemen, and a liquid cocaine ( : you'd better know em.

best book i've ever read would have to be the little house on the prairie series. i know there are so many good books, but for the place i was at in my life when i read them, they had such a serious impact on me. Also anything by Steinbeck, Poe, or any of the great philosophers. Communist Manifesto ( : perfect on paper, never really works out in real life.

i love the name lemingheads for my fans haha, it's like a crackhead or a pothead, hopefully i can keep you guys addicted ( :

i'm very good at geography dear, so yes i know where venezuela is haha ( :

my favorite part of this stage of my life is having so many friends to share it with ( : and i love all of my international fans just the same: with every ounce of heart inside of me.

i used to be really bitter about having 8 brothers and sisters, but i grew into it and i love them all so much! don't know that i'd take more...but i love them haha

i'm not a big shower singer haha...but if i am it's something insanely 80s awesome....

i'm a very messy person and then all of a sudden i flip out and clean everything perfect, and then let it get messy again. typical teenage male i suppose haha

i love cooking, i make a mean spaghetti haha. that's about it though

i'm a sucker for romance, i've got a nice track record on doing romantic things ( :


my favorite season is the springtime. my birthday is right in the beginning so it's like everything just comes to life with a brand new year for me ( :

ok, my writing process. It all starts with an emotion. pain, anxiety, disappointment, anger, name it. From the emotion usually comes a word. From that word comes all the words around it, and from all of those words comes the melody, and from the melody comes the music. But sometimes the music comes first, and then i have to wait for the lyrical inspiration that fits the music. Sometimes it takes weeks and weeks to finish a song, and other times, it takes about 5 minutes, all depending on what came first, the music or the emotion.. so....i just take it song by song. ( :

My full name is Josiah Donald Leming, i am 19 years old, and i am 5'4 so please don't be suprised if you ever see me and i'm short haha, bc i am.

The album coming out in September will definitely be released worldwide, and will be available to everyone ( : sorry i can't get anything available for you until then, things are insanely busy, and it would take a lot of energy to make available old recordings of songs for purchase when the album is coming out soon. there's no way i could send out physical copies of the old cd's unless i put my parents under slave labor lol.

if i could date a celebrity, i would probably pass lol. i would rather take one of you lovely ladies any day ( :

I love pizza, good grief i love pizza. with all of my heart, i love pizza with pepporoni, or bacon, or any kind of meat lovers pizza. my weaknesses are pizza, girls, and jim beam.

I'm a HUGE soccer fan, and i usually go for arsenal FC, but i also watch football, and some occasional basketball. as a child i wanted really badly to be a wide receiver in the NFL. or a real cowbow. ( :

i'm definitely a boxer briefs man.

i'm seriously going to go crazy if people keep asking me to comment back everyone individually. I CAN EITHER SIT IN FRONT OF THIS COMPUTER 24/7, OR I CAN MAKE FUCKING MUSIC. TAKE YOUR PICK. cmon people, seriously. i'm a fucking human. i only get 24 hours in a day, just like you. and 10-12 of those go to sleep. so please have a bit of understanding. i'm trying my damndest to keep in touch with all of you the best i can.

i would like to apologize to everyone else for venting on you. that was meant for a small number of people who don't get it.

i do not have chest hair yet, but i am starting to grow a beard! ( : ( : ( : and i'm super pumped, i've always wanted a beard.

i have a few guilty pleasures. one right now is that bleeding love song. AHHH i fucking love it.

from a lyrical standpoint, i only write about experiences and emotions. there's no point in making up things or just using words that rhyme. every single word and syllable in an expression of how i feel, or have felt, or what i'm going through. that's the only way i can put my heart and soul into it.

i'm am very overwhelmed a lot of the time, but this is what i've always dreamed of, and i refuse to run away just bc things get hectic or hard or crazy. you're always gonna have the shit that goes along with the fluff ( : it is the most amazing feeling to be able to do the one thing you love more than anything, be able to live off of it, and help people not only directly with the music, but indirectly through influence, and all the extra money i will never need. what more can a man ask for?

i don't talk politics. in fact i don't really give a shit about politics. and last but not least, i don't SING about politics. ugh.

alot of my songs were inspired by an ex girlfriend, whom i dated for 2.5 years, and loved very dearly. including to run, body and mind, bad news baby, her, plaines overhead. Alot of our difficulties mirrored the anxiety i was having in the town i grew up in, so a lot of songs have a strange dynamic of two emotional battles, one against her, and another against the town.

And that's about it folks. See you soon, when something interesting comes along.

Take care!