Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Josiah's Angels Undercover EP Coming!

Get ready to meet Josiah Leming in a new light. On October 28th his EP will be available on iTunes and you will get a chance to hear his new songs.

It is half album edition and you will have 5 songs to choose from. This is a promotion for the full album that Josiah plans to release in January 2009. Until then, you will have a chance to see him live or you can pay for $5 and listen to Angels Undercover EP.

It's still long to January, but we can wait for that long and see how this young star will take off. Remember, it is only 6 months after American Idol. That doesn't sound too much actually. So, not even a year will pass after Josiah Leming became so popular with everything that happened on American Idol.

And now he is bigger then a competition. His new album will say everything about his talent, for sure!