Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No Regrets For Josiah Leming

Josiah Leming is not just some kid who sleeps in his car. And he's not a kid that cries for every little thing. He's not Emo and not pretending to be one. But what he is, he's a kid who tried. He has no regrets about choices he made.

Besides that, he knows that his 15 minutes are up. The fame he felt for a while drops off, we've seen it before.

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"There's a small window of opportunity, and I don't want to do it too quick or too slow," Josiah Leming said for MTV today. "I've always been aware of the fact that one day you can be everything, and the next day you can be nothing. Stuff like that has always weighed heavy on my mind. Things are given and taken away so quickly, it's always sitting in the back of my mind that I could just be another flash in the pan. Everyone wants to be optimistic, but you also want to be realistic."

I don't know about you, but I am very much surprised. From the crying boy who thought he is the God's favorite, to the man that speaks wisely. I guess there is something to be learned after big experiences. And it is not important much if those travels were a mistake or not. At least not for Josiah Leming.


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