Monday, March 17, 2008

Josiah Leming Signs With Warner?

Josiah Leming closed a deal with Warner and will start recording soon. That's the information I found today and I still can't confirm it to you. But I'm sure in a day or two we will know what's actually going on.

A source also say today will be a lot of beer drinking at Josiah Leming hometown, Morristown. Green beer will flow and songs will be on the menu all night long. Josiah Leming - Warner Bros could be a great combination and awesome record deal.

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Josiah And His Brother John Leming Photo

Will our favorite American Idol fan find luck and success in music, it remains to be seen. He had some great performances, like
show he had last Friday in Los Angeles at the Hotel Café. Big guys at record companies clearly see his potential and are ready to make a deal. Seems like Warner and Josiah Leming is the combination for the future. The record deal would bring a lot of to Josiah and Warner both.

The question was, who will be suitable for Josiah Leming. Seems like Warner just won the battle...


Keith/Foxen said...

You do know his brother is named andy, right?

Anonymous said...

His brother's name is Andy Sexton.