Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Josiah American Idol

Josiah Leming, as you may know, has been living out of his car since leaving home about one year ago. First he said he loves it but he broke down in tears over his loneliness.

He appeared on American Idol and sang an original tune “To Run” but the judges stopped him after they detected something. Yes, it's a strange British accent coming through when he sang. He didn’t really have an explanation but we all it right away - I was surprised a bit because he reminded me of someone else.

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Randy and Simon also asked him about it. Josiah American Idol singed “Chasing Cars” (by Snow Patrol) and it was awesome! He was put through to the next round and as he was leaving, he slipped into, yup, a British accent again.

I really liked Josiah Leming and I was happy that he made it through. I think he’s interesting and unique and could really surprise a few people later. We shall see.