Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Josiah Leming Pushes It Further

If you are tracking what is happening with Josiah Leming, then you know he is an interesting person with lots of it to offer. Sometimes you just wish for those kind of people to be with you when you are out of fuel. You need some kind of boost at that point and I believe Josiah Leming is a guy who can get you up to the stars.

His music and contest in American Idol showed what kind of guy he's like. After being booted off American Idol, he never stopped trying. He pushed further in his life. That is how Josiah Leming signed with Warner Bros and made a great record deal. Do you think that is easy to do? There are thousands of Musicians waiting to get some kind of great music record deal and only some of them succeed. Why is that? Because even if you have the quality you have to have patience, will and understanding that it simply takes time.

Josiah Leming is not afraid to make mistakes. He was in jail once, as a matter of fact. He was with his brother there when they were drinking beer inside the car. They didn't drive, just sat there, but still he was a minor and wasn't supposed to drink. Did he fell then? Did he left his music and said to himself "I'm a loser"? Of course not.

In Josiah Leming recent announcements to his fans he said some interesting things. I believe they are the reason he got onto American Idol at first place and then signed a record deal with Warner Bros. He said that we need to keep our dreams alive. And that reality is only how we make it to be. If we focus too much on what is happening outside our own world, we will get caught up into it. And then we will forget our dreams and accept what is happening outside.

This is what it's all about. This is why we have great man. And the fact Josiah Leming understands this at such a young age is fascinating. I know lots of people "know" this, but to understand it and act according to it is something different.

Keep your dreams alive. Keep your Music alive. Your time will come them. You can also be on your American Idol and get your own record deal, if you truly wish for it and build to have what it takes.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I dunno where to leave this comment but I just thought I'd say thanks for keeping a blog for Josiah! I'm happy for the way things are going for him!

SystemsThinker said...

I was thrilled to hear Josiah got a record deal and really looking forward to hearing the new album when it comes out.

I am amazed by how quickly he has been able to build so much support. It's really a sign of the times. His success inspired me to write this article at

It's about his music and also his success at promoting himself so well and what that means about the way our society is changing. Thanks for the blog!