Friday, February 29, 2008

Josiah Leming | Hollywood Star

Believe it or not, Josiah Leming is going to be a huge star. His performance on American Idol was not just a little sparkle that was forgotten. His Grace Kelly song performance on American Idol show is something that touched so many of us, and that's what's important at the end. Not the opinion of the American Idol judges on Josiah's music, but the emotions of audience and how they saw the song.

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One more thing that helped this little kid get so much popularity is his crying. That's something that affected audience the most and Josiah Leming cried from his heart. That wasn't unnoticed. Ellen Degeneres saw it too and that's how this talented musician appeared on Ellen Degeneres show. He played the One Last Song with such powerful drive, it was unbelievable. And what's important here is: if you saw it, that means big guys from music production companies saw it too.

Michael Clark Duncan And Josiah Leming pic from MySpace

Right now, Josiah Leming is going through a lot in his life. He is not the same boy he used to be. He's meeting big guys to sign a record deal. He is going all over Hollywood to making something with his music career. Also, he's planning to have concerts as soon as possible. He already has in mind 30 places were the concerts would be held at. It takes time for everything, but if he succeeds in making the deals, you could be buying concert tickets for Josiah Leming concert in no time.

He needs the support of his fans so he can decide what to do with his music. Signing a record deal will be a big thing for him, and we must say that American Idol made it possible. That's how Josiah Leming music got to us all. It's not a shame to lose, it is a shame not to try. He had guts, and that's most important. Not just in music, but in life.

We will see how Josiah Leming's music future will be, but I think it's gonna be bright. I guess he could have a record deal in 2008 and in next year could be one of the popular musicians in US. Right now we can download his music on iTunes and soon iPods will be full of his songs.

Hollywood made people popular before, why shouldn't that be the case with Josiah? Let's wish him luck and see what will happen in the life of this talented kid.


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