Thursday, February 21, 2008

Josiah On Ellen Degeneres Show

It was great to see and hear Josiah Leming with Ellen Degeneres. His performance of One Last Song was awesome! He wasn't crying after the song, but no problem, maybe will see him doing that later on.

Do you think that American Idol did him a big favor by giving him so much exposure before and after the boot? I certainly think YES.

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Now he has a tremendous buzz that screams: He shouldn't been kicked! He also gets to be known for his original compositions, and we must say they are good songs.His music is inspirational. But would we know for all those songs if things didn't go as they did?

Here is a video from Ellen Degeneres Show.

Now Josiah Leming's british accent and Josiah Leming crying brought him big popularity. His songs and music is on Myspace and YouTube - a real result that's hard to achieve.

It's sad to see Josiah Lemming not succeed in American Idol, he would have been a great contestant. I guess it's you either love him or hate him. Some people detest his crying and think he's a cry baby. But I think he was just spontaneous and never manipulated with that. That's something American Idol audience would not tolerate. If he actually stayed a bit longer, it would have been fun to see all his inappropriate song choices to go along with the show. That would be something people would talk about, definitely.

His inexperience and vulnerability would create many controversial situation. That means more fun for the audience and bigger popularity for the American Idol.

I just can't imagine how would it look like to see him on American Idols Tour with the other contestants. That would be entertainment with a big E.

It's still bugs me that American Idol gave him lots of screen time then turned him loose…


GillianH said...
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Anonymous said...

He would have still been on if he hadn't been so vain as to dismiss the band because he couldn't keep up with them. He was a nice singer but was not as good as he thought he was. A bit too whiney. The living out of the car gimic got a bit old.