Friday, October 31, 2008

American Idol Sues Josiah Over His New Album

It seems that we won't hear new songs from former American Idol contestant, Josiah Leming. His contract with Warner Bros is now in danger and he may never release his EP. Why is this happening? Why can't his new album be released, with new music on a fine label like Warner Bros?

It's because of American Idol Show. They claim that Josiah signed a contract that forbids him to sign a deal with any other company and get a record deal with Sony only. What now happens is that the will be legal actions and this will probably drag for a long time.

We must say that this is not what we expected. It is strange that American Idol didn't mentioned anything about this earlier. We all know Josiah Leming is making his music to be on a Warner Bros record.

We have to wait and see what will happen in the next few days. But right now, music, new record and concerts will have to wait for American Idol Show to make theor move.


Anonymous said...

The EP is released! It's called Angels Undercover, and it can be downloaded at iTunes or Amazon, or you can order a hard copy of it at his myspace:

The full album is due in January 2009.

Take a listen to the EP! You won't be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

WRONG....for one thing the EP is out and is fantastic. The other thing is Idol and Sony passed on Josiah after being given right of first refusal as per the contract.

Anonymous said...

he doesnt work for them anymore. there for my older brother can do what ever he wants with his music. its a free country.

-ashley leming